Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brick by Bricolage

A lot of what I do involves working with visual sources I appropriate from all over the place. Because I make t-shirts, the only constraint I have is that I can only use one tone (largely because hand screening makes two-tones shirts hard and costly). This isn't a bad thing, and I feel it's a sort of homage to seventies magazine and newspaper ads.

This is a real photo of Pierre Trudeau and Castro kicking it. It sort of shouts out to his stepping down.

Living in Windsor Ontario Canada, I listen to a lot of Detroit's National Public Radio station, WDET. The other day they had a fellow on who was talking about the Russian economic threat to the West. The above quote is from that interview. It rings true in any context.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Web Presence

This here will be the site of the Winged Beast Outfitters blog. It is intended to a) let me post new ideas, up-coming designs and other fun stuff, b) let me announce events and stuff like that, and c) help me to get hits on google.
So check this site out! Up-a-datin' coming soon!