Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wolfe Island Recap... Weeks Later

It's taken a bit to get this post up (My computer died after i got back. Then I had to play catch up... Anyways). Wolfe Island Music Festival was a smash. Great music, great people, and affordable food and drinks... and beer.

As you can see, my tent had an amazing view. Also, the music was very dance-able.

Here I am dancing  to Diamond Rings in my handsome cardigan.

I was also very busy selling stuff, which is good, but I'd have loved a chance to get out and see what everyone else was selling. This happens. Luckily, I was planted right next to the Kingston Humane Society and their bake sale... so... thank-you to them.

The whole day was a good test for my newer things. The pins did well. So, they're definitely here to stay. I even sold a few of the blankets. These things were popular once the sun started to go down. This futuristic couple model their purchase.

And to all Wolfe Islanders, I hope to see you again next year.

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