Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wolfe Island Recap... Weeks Later

It's taken a bit to get this post up (My computer died after i got back. Then I had to play catch up... Anyways). Wolfe Island Music Festival was a smash. Great music, great people, and affordable food and drinks... and beer.

As you can see, my tent had an amazing view. Also, the music was very dance-able.

Here I am dancing  to Diamond Rings in my handsome cardigan.

I was also very busy selling stuff, which is good, but I'd have loved a chance to get out and see what everyone else was selling. This happens. Luckily, I was planted right next to the Kingston Humane Society and their bake sale... so... thank-you to them.

The whole day was a good test for my newer things. The pins did well. So, they're definitely here to stay. I even sold a few of the blankets. These things were popular once the sun started to go down. This futuristic couple model their purchase.

And to all Wolfe Islanders, I hope to see you again next year.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Winged Beast Hits the Road

This coming weekend is the Wolfe Island Music Festival. Besides the pretty good line-up, I'm going to be selling shirts and things. Since this is my first straight up music festival, I'm launching an all new music friendly t-shirt. Buy one and proudly proclaim that you do indeed heart good bands.

Other makers of things include mchenwears another Ottawa local. If you have the time and motivation you should wander down to Kingston and check us and the whole show out.

Or... you can go to my web store... new stuff has been recently posted. More on that later.