Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things to carry with you...

I've returned to the world of tote bags. I tried once before but had mixed results that I can't show (somehow I sold or gave them all away... a miracle, I say!). Though this first run is all gone, I wasn't quite happy with what I was selling.

Some time spent rethinking the problem led to one major realization: use simpler images. Before, I printed up more complex pictures on different coloured bags. This meant harder to read images that didn't grab they eye well.

This time, I've opted for clearer, more distinct drawings. This is more effective, as the contrast of black on the undyed cotton is striking. I am, in truth, pretty satisfied with the outcome this time, and I can't wait to roll these out at this year's x-mas markets.

I'm also using these bags to unveil some new prints, one of which will definitely find it's way onto a t-shirt and more!

Check out the Etsy listings in my Tote Bag section.

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