Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helpful Notices! About Shipping! For ETSY Customers!

Well, my day job has officially rolled out its xmas decorations (Earlier than ever!). This doesn't mean you don't need to be thinking about great gifts! On that note, I have to point out  that Winged Beast Oufitters has some great things to offer.

I want to let you know some details about shipping. I use Canada Post and they recommend the following dates for when items should be shipped by to make sure they will arrive on time for the big day (Dec. 24 or before!).

From Canada to:

Dec. 22
Dec. 16
Dec. 1
Dec. 6
Dec. 6
Dec. 1
Central/South America
Dec. 6
Dec. 6
Middle East
Dec. 6
New Zealand
Dec. 6

Of course, these are rough guidelines and not at all guaranteed (Customs is annoying at times). If you are interested in a Priority shipment for last minute orders, please contact me and I can get a quote for you. My kind recommendation is try to make you purchases a few days before the listed dates.

Cheers and happy holidays!

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