Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Returning to Wolfe Island!

Winged Beast Outfitters is heading to the Wolfe Island Music Festival August 5-6. It's a great little festival on an island near Kingston. I was a vendor there last year, and it was an amazing blast. The line-up is pretty awesome looking. Personally, I'm excited about the Wooden Sky and Jenn Grant.

What will I have that's new? Well, there will be new cardigans and some new t-shirt prints, as well as more up-cycled retro pillowcases and tea-towels.

New up-cycled retro pillowcases!
Also, a couple new one inch pins... and, of course the return of the classics!

So, if you're in or near Kingston-town and looking for a great weekend of music: a) come to this festival and b) drop by my tent!

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