Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winged Beast Outfitters Returns to Toronto Oct. 23

Next weekend is the beginning of the fall season for Winged Beast Outfitters. And, I'm kicking it off with a little trip out of town. I'm heading to Canzine 2011 in Toronto!
Sunday, October 23
Toronto – 918 Bathurst Centre
918 Bathurst St. @ 1 – 7 pm
There's a $5 cover, but it's worth it.

Everyone who reads this and lives in Toronto should come. And, tell a friend to come, too.

Here's why: it's been a few years since I've made a stab at the Big Smoke, but I think the timing is right, or rather I have the time (which ever). To sweeten the deal, I'll be rolling out new stuff for the sellin'.

There's this wicked toque, entitled simply "My Pants!".

Click on this pic to find out why it's so awesome.
There will be four new post cards. Some are new, and a couple are variations on old themes. Either way, I'm pretty happy with them. Look out for a limited run of Squid Menace posters.

And last but not least, there will be kitten army t-shirts. Finally, I got off my duff and made these. I had to after I got a lot of demand for them at the Wolf Island Music Festival.
I'm looking forward to this! Hope you are now, too.

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