Thursday, June 7, 2012

Break time!

Time to throw off some of the work!
Summer is pretty much here! And, I'm taking a break from doing shows for a couple months. This may seem odd for someone ALSO trying to run a business.

Well, the Winged Beast is a creative project, and I need a break from show/market prep to recharge and focus on some other things. Like what? Why ART of course!

Not to mention, that at some point, the fall will come around, and I want to have some gooderific and novel things to show off. So, I'm gonna buckle down, alternate iced coffee and beer, and let the magic happen. Well not exactly, but there will be a mix of work and fun, that's for sure.

But don't worry. The Winged Beast isn't totally closed. In Ottawa, I will be putting in place a couple consignment opportunities - i.e. look for my stuff at Ottawa Jazz Festival, thanks to the Curious Collective. I also have my on Wolfe Island in August... more details etc. will come in their time.

And, as always, you can shop at my etsy store.

I cannot rust... I cannot rust.

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