Saturday, November 27, 2010

December Shows!

Hi! I have one December show scheduled. I'm heading to Montreal for Winter Puces Pop! This will be the Winged Beast's first foray out of Ontario. I'm pretty stoked because this show tends to be a hotbed of talented folks! And, I like to included among talented people.

Show details:
December 18-19th
at the St-Enfant Jesus church on St-Dominique and St-Joseph. Map.
I'm not sure, but going on past hours, it'll run 11-6.

I think it's gonna be great! I was at their October event and was blown away by some of the people who turned out. As someone who views himself as up and coming, chances like these to push into a wider market and more renowned events make me jittery. But, it's always worth it to put yourself and your art out on a limb!

I'll be pushing some of my hits from the last weeks, including toques, scarves, and some chance find polos! More on that when I've got them ready.

Also, this is an out of town gig for me. I hope the Canadian Weather is kind and gives me decent roads! Though, there is something profoundly awesome about road trips!

See you there.

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