Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Cards... Revealed!

Behold Nesting Robots Holiday Cards!

These are pics from the Christmas cards I made my family this year.

The drawings were inspired by the babushka dolls that many of us had in one form or another growing up. There is something really pleasurable in the repetitious pulling apart and replacing of each the little dolls, and I've watched my nephew do it over and over. Great, right? I wanted to recapture that quirky fun in the cards. I'll be tweaking and likely colouring them in at some point. They'll be up for sale in the fall, I imagine. Watch out.

The cards were to contain my thoughtful offering to my family. This year I wanted to nix the whole gift thing and go with a donation in their names. I chose the charity Kiva because it provides a little bit more interactivity in how the donation is used. And, as a newish small-small business person, I get why Kiva's microloans can be essential. In the spirit of things, I chipped in to support a Mongolian underwear merchant. Plug over.

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