Friday, December 3, 2010

The Things We Do For Love

In the Ottawa maker.crafter scene, I'm sure I haven't met anyone nicer than Emily Chen, the Mistress of Mchenwears. She's shown above in this wicked photo of her and Shad. A fount of experience and optimism, she's been a great and helpful competitor (friendly, of course) and is no slouch of an artist.

In June 2010, Emily and her sister launched the DAD(Drawing a Day) Project, a heartfelt and wonderful tribute to their father's battle with colon cancer (Mr. Chen passed away in October).  Together, they've created a regular stream of off-beat, often punny drawings. Every day or so they upload a new illustration that they sell via etsy to raise money to support of cancer research.

Other artists and I have donated works to help their cause. I donated a couple 8x10 prints that are only available through the DAD Project. You can get them here! It's something special to give what I can to such a profound expression of love. And, I hope maybe you all out there have something to offer or maybe want to make a purchase. Check out their site!

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Emily said...

Hey there Stirling — wow, them are some nice words... thank you! And thanks especially for your support and generosity (and funky prints :) You are the rockingest library scientist I know.