Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Puces Popped

Got back from Montreal Sunday and I'm just getting to my Puces Pop post now. Phew, it was an exhausting weekend, followed by a late night's foggy winter drive, and then right back into the last work-week before x-mas.

Let me just say Puces Pop was a great success. I broke my all-time weekend sales record, and sold about 207 items (I love stats like this.. A customer said I was the only one she saw keeping such close score. I was surprised. I feel like I only have 1/5th the information I want to know... anyways...)
As you can see, I'm pretty excited about my table. This is early on Saturday. Over the weekend, I (with advice from friends) evolved the layout of my table. I don't have an "after" photo because by the end, I was working hard to put stuff in people's hands. The salient detail is that I had too much stuff out and surface space was being taken up by things that weren't selling well. So I packed up some things and made room to lay out a few of my shirts, so you didn't have to flip through the rack to see them. That worked well and resulted in a lot more attention.

I'm being thoughtful here, and I've a lot to think about. Looking at other people's stalls, I know that I need to make some display stands, particularly for the greeting cards. They sold well, but definitely could be displayed better. I sketched out some ideas based on what I saw around me (Christopher of Squid Wool on my left had some kickass ones that worked well for his merch) and will post something when I try to build my first attempts. Also, I need to work harder on overstocking items that are doing well. Also, pricing... well... that's another post.

Anyways, big thanks to my helpers (Ross and Teresa) and big thanks to everyone who dropped by. I hope to see Montreal again soon!

I'll post some more pics soon. I'm also happy to give Winged Beast Outfitters a short rest while I spin up another project I've been trying to get off a simmer.

Happy holidays everyone everywhere!

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Anonymous said...

It was great to see you (and your merch) on Sunday!